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The Wayward Academy is an Interactive Roleplay Spanko School play party. There will be three teachers each teaching different topics throughout the day and everyone else attending can decide whether they want to become an obedient refined student, or an in correctable delinquent.

Being tardy, talking during class, and smoking during recess we'll all get you sent to the Principal's office to be disciplined. Be warned! Not feeling well? Don't worry we have a nurse to check you out and give you that exam you've been needing.

Each time a student breaks protocol or a rule they will be given a slip from the teacher or authority figure from Anarchy's Wayward Academy to fill out themselves which indicates :

*Whom they want to be disciplined by.
-Any gender

*How many punishments you'll be receiving.
-0 to 5
-5 to 10
-10 to 25
-25 to 50
-AYFKM (Are You Fucking Kidding Me)

*What Implement you will be receiving your well needed discipline with.
-Hand Spankings
-Lexan paddle
-Wooden Paddle
-Leather Paddle

*How dressed you would like to be for your infraction.
-Fully Clothed
-Pants/Skirt Pulled Down Panties On
-Panties At Knees
-Panties At Ankles

*How heavy you will be disciplined.
-SFTF (Swing For The Fences)

We want everyone to have fun and everything to be consensual.

All students attending Anarchy's Wayward Academy must bring on their first day the following items :

*Back pack.
*Pen or pencil.
*Papers or notebook to write on

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