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Mistress Wendy Darling aspires to be a Dominatrix. Every night before bed she would practice with her toys in front of the mirror. One night she suddenly heard a noise outside her window. She spotted in the reflection in her mirror, a young man peeping in her window. Upon closer inspection he was wearing woman's panties.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She shouted.

The Peeping Perv was caught off guard, "I am looking for my shadow!" he said.

Wendy's sisters Joan and Michelle overheard the shouting and quickly barged in. Soon the Peeping Perv found himself hog tied and bound by the beautiful sisters.

The pantied Peeping Perv introduced himself as Peter Panties. He explained that he was from a place where there were no female Dommes. Seeing her through the window was like a dream and he could not help himself but watch. In exchange for forgiving his transgressions he would take the sisters to an Unbelievable Underground Fetish club called Neverland. A place where Dominants would be treated like gods and Kinksters never had to return to their vanilla lives again.

Unfortunately Neverland was also the hangout of Peter’s arch nemesis, Capt Anal Hook and the Butt Pirates. The Butt Pirates threw Yacht parties and often poached Neverland’s guests for their own events. Their love for ass play often pushed the limits and boundaries of the Neverland regulars…

This July we are busting out the fairy dust and asking everyone to clap their cheeks if they believe in Kinker Belle. Club Anarchy invites you to take a tempting trip to Neverland. Whether you are a Pleasure Pirate or a Lost Boi this event has everything you will need to immerse yourself in a Pansexual Peter Pan Party. Try saying that three times fast.

Join Peter Panties and Kinker Belle as we introduce you and the Darling Family to a kinky cast of fetish inspired characters, including Masochistic Mermaids, Naughty Natives, and of course everyone’s favorite majestic mohawk, Ru-fee-Ho! Dress like your favorite Neverland faction and help Club Anarchy decide the fate of Peter Panties

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Promised Performances :

*Forced Orgasm

*Think Happy Thoughts

*Captain Anal Hook's Revenge on Peter Panties : The Lovely Supreme (Captain Anal Hook) & Prince Ambrose Quartz (Peter Panties).

*Kinker Belle & the Lost Boi Toys : Demi Nexus (Kinker Belle) with Lilly Beth, Miss Mae, & Miss Milli.

*Pirate's Punishment : Argent (The Pirate Gentlemen) & Syren (Mermaid).

*"Survive Her" Challenge

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♬♬♬♬ Music Prepared by: Daddy Sparkle...♬♬♬♬

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Vending by Ollie of Oddmentarium
Instagram @Oddmentarium
Owner : @OddmentOllie

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Miss Blu Boutique
IG: @missbluboutique
Handmade🖐🏼by a Little🎀that LOVES glitter✨for those who love ✨glitter✨too

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Our present you "Live Stage Performances" you cannot see anywhere else. From BDSM to burlesque. We put the action in satisfaction. Club Anarchy will blow your mind and turn you on. We make you sign a waiver because these shows are so hot!!!

Our new 5,000 square foot professionally licensed dungeon is fully furnished with 4 themed play rooms. We have a large main room with a stage, plenty of room to dance and play, seating, a bar, public restrooms, and large outdoor area for smoking, socializing, and play.

Our events are frequented by many professional BDSM players, fetish performers, models and vendors as well as lifestyle players and even novices curious about the scene. Since our event is members only we offer a "Safe Sane and Consensual " kinky place to play more intimately in a real dungeon. We openly allow penetration, fluid play, & and other activities not always allowed at the public play parties. We just asked that you always Play Safe and tidy up after yourselves with the cleaning supplies provided in each room.

Meet someone new or bring a play partner we are all very friendly and welcoming, and even if you don't get some play in, we offer shows that include audience participation and are very fun. Enter our "Survive Her Challenge" and you can get guaranteed play with some of Sanctuary's hottest professional players. For some this a dream come true, for others it's a chance to test their limits with knowledgeable partners...

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The "Survive Her" Challenge is back to crown another submissive or masochist of the month. The "Surivive Her Challenge" or "SHC" is our open competition where submissives, slaves, and masochists, and anyone brave enough to join are given challenges from some of our sexiest and most skilled Dominants in a 3 round elimination contest. The winner gets a free 1 hour session with Mistress Tetra at the new Sanctuary Studios and gets to come back for a year of Anarchy on us!

Non-Members $35 (includes 2 week membership)
Sanctuary Gold Key Members $25
Diamond Members Free

Memberships must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance prior to the event. No memberships will be given out or available at the door or the night of. No exceptions. Presale tickets available via the ticket link. Paying at the door the night of is perfectly acceptable if you already have your membership.

If you are interested in volunteering for service for one of these events, DJing for us, or vending at our events, please contact me directly and send me a DM to my inbox.

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